Official Website Launched from Telabastagan Integrated School

Traveloka Helps Launch Telabastagan Integrated School Website
July 14, 2017

Telabastagan Integrated School has joined the ranks of the handful of Philippine schools with their own, dedicated websites thanks to technical assistance from GDI Online Marketing.

The school is the official institution for basic K-12 education in Barangay Telabastagan, Mc. Arthur H-Way, City Of San Fernando, Pampanga. Its website was developed through its collaboration with GDI Online Marketing, a leading provider of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services in the Philippines.

The website was developed to give the school an online platform where it can establish a presence on the Internet. Through the website, announcements can be posted and distributed in real time, school activities can be featured on webpages and in the future, virtual learning environments can be set up.

“GD is elated to have helped another learning institution make the leap to the digital age,” says Glen Dimaandal, founder and CEO of the agency. “Finally, the students and teachers of Telabastagan Integrated School can enjoy the benefits of interactive learning and modern communications.”

“It is difficult for us to contain our excitement around this development,” says Mr. Glen Dimaandal, CEO of GDI. “We are proud and honored to have helped a school in one of San Fernando’s smallest barangays enter the digital age.”

For its part, Telabastagan Integrated School expressed its appreciation for GDI’s contributions.

“GDI has been a tremendous help to us,” says Mrs. Abigail Mendoza, principal of Telabastagan Integrated School. “His team’s technical input was instrumental in putting together an elegant, informative and functional website for us.”

GDI is a startup digital marketing agency that has been known to take the initiative on community service projects. The company, despite its size, strives to accomplish significant feats that contribute to the betterment of Philippine society.