Traveloka Helps Launch Telabastagan Integrated School Website

Official Website Launched from Telabastagan Integrated School
July 14, 2017
Telabastagan Integrated Receives Help from RS Components
December 4, 2017

Telabastagan Integrated School has launched its official website. The school was able to accomplish this landmark project thanks to assistance from Traveloka Philippines.

Under its corporate social responsibility program, the reliable hotel and flight booking service provider extended resources and assistance that paved the way for the site’s development.

The school intends to use the website initially as an online hub where announcements can be made in real time and where school activities can be featured. In the future, the school website might become an interactive learning environment where students can take full advantage of the opportunities that the digital age brings.

“Having our very own website is a significant milestone in our school’s history,” says Telabastagan Integrated School Principal Mrs. Abigail Mendoza. “We can now truly say that our small institution is a part of the digital age and can now be reached and seen by anyone in the world.”

Traveloka is an online travel booking site that focuses mainly on Southeast Asia. In every country it operates in, the company strives to be a catalyst for positive developments through the support of worthwhile causes such as this one.

Telabastagan Integrated School is one of only a handful of public schools to successfully launch its own website. In the Philippine setting, having a website is a privilege often enjoyed by larger universities and upscale private schools.